Poetry Prompts

Sometimes as writers we just get stuck maybe that's because our emotions are running everywhere and we can't catch them quick enough to write. Because this is the case with my brain and emotions I thought I'd share some poetry prompts that I have come up with.

I will usually give you a line and it's up to you to mould your creative energy around it.

Feel free to share with me by tagging me on Instagram @poetryoflana. I'd love to hear what you come up with. I'll share mine on here beside the prompt.



it's time.

I listened to everyone's heart

Telling my heart

It was time to let go.


A million threads couldn't hold us together

My blue jeans blues frayed at a loss of a future

They hugged my curves that you once cherished

A million threads not one could keep us together.

watch of time.

I would rather be any place but here

I wish I could take time and go back

To when happiness kissed us as a welcomed surprise

To a time where I can watch

As our love grew into a tree for all to admire

Any place but here

Because here is me alone

Without you

Can I go back?

falling into you.

I wish I never allowed you to hold me like you'd never let me go.

corned in love.

They both sat in their corners of the world

Neither one courageous enough

To fight for love.

hold me.

I want someone to hold me

While I cry

And feel the pain

My history gave me.