waking up ill.

I was having a pretty rough day.

All day I felt uncomfortable and ill. I was over the day but knew that a nap was all I needed to shake off these feelings of possible exhaustion. I slept and slept, waking finally to reach for my phone, something I do a lot these days. I was going through my Instagram alerts and something caught my attention.

I was mentioned in a live post that I had no idea about. I was all sorts of confused, possibly from still waking from my sleep, but there it was, I was actually mentioned in something and went on a search to discover what it was.

So, @jae.noctem.poetry must have been an angel sent to me because what happened next was so surreal.

Lately I've been feeling that my poetry isn't enough, that I wasn't enough. Somehow I got it into my head that I had to be more, do more, and produce more, Those feelings combined shifted something in me, that quite frankly, made the woman in me very uncomfortable. When I clicked on the post, I was taken to a feed that was live nineteen minutes before I woke up. There it was, my poetry, being read by @jaclynrose.poetry.

I sat there absorbing every bit of this moment. I cried. I cried and I don't even know why. It was such a beautiful moment for me that almost gave me permission to continue doing what I love, writing poetry to reach hearts. I've never felt this sort of support, that I couldn't leave the moment, I wanted to linger there, feeling, and allowing myself to feel every emotion I had to feel.

I feel so blessed that these two lovely souls connected with me and took my love of poetry to another level. Thank you both for your support and love. I'm going to keep going and hopefully never allow myself to give up.

Sometimes, all we need is someone else to see what we can't.



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