Today Was A Blessed Day

Today was a blessed day.

I wasn't expecting to be so calm and happy when the cover design of my collection of poetry arrived in my inbox. I knew it was coming but it wasn't until that internal smile happened, this dream of mine suddenly became more real.

I spent a few hours at a cafe with some friends today and instead of gushing over the details of my life with them, I listened and laughed through the bonds we were creating, and that got me thinking, I'm exactly where I needed to be right now.

As I sat on my blue comfy couch finishing the design layout of the collection that started this journey for me, I thought about crying. It's weird how you think you are going to react a certain way and your soul speaks to you differently. I was happy.

I proudly showed off the cover to my mother who is a great supporter and she seemed happy too.

Something so simple stilled my heart and allowed it to feel pure joy. I'm forever grateful to this journey because without it, who knows where I'd be today.


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