This Journey

I had a moment today when I realized how beautiful this journey is proving to be. I am so humble and honest when I say, follow your dreams - nothing but good can come from it. Life has a way of taking you through life until you get to where you're supposed to be. I've never been more dedicated to myself as I am with my poetry. I feel empowered and ready to face life because now I truly feel that life has welcomed me home.


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As I'm gearing up to create some changes to my Instagram page, which means so much to me, I'm nervous about the transition. I feel that since I started that account on Valentine's Day of this year, I'

Poets, unite!

I've been struggling a bit inside about the official release of my first collection, 'Drowning'. I've been playing this game with myself that has quite frankly, left me exhausted. I seem to think that

The Voice

As I'm sitting here watching The Voice, one of my favorite TV shows, it dawned on me that I'm living out my own dream. The past couple of weeks have been hectic mentally as I've finally put my first c