There May Have Been Wine Involved...

Lately things have been setting in that I am moving towards a better version of me.

I invited a friend to take a walk with me on one of the beautiful days we were blessed with this weekend. It was something that I've been meaning to do but just never seemed to get there.

As we sat on the bench, we talked about our dreams and made ourselves a pact. In two years our dreams will come true. This was our way of holding ourselves accountable for our dreams. We didn't expect our dreams now, but by putting it out into the world, it became a part of us. She is also a fellow poet and shares my hopes of touching lives. I needed something so simple as day dreaming to wake me up.

Sometimes we fall between the cracks of our lives and can't find the way out, I was getting there. I put so much pressure on myself to be someone that I'm not quite yet, yet! I need to continue to guide my dreams but practice being kind to myself about my progress. All good comes in time. For now, I'll live this life as only I can and be okay with that.


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