Something Fierce

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to properly devote some time to blogging. I've been productive in getting my priorities in order but I've realized this also needs to be a priority.

Life sometimes has a way of showing you certain things that need your attention, and I've been so focused on my first collection that I've been all over the place with other things.

Update: the first collection is coming along so well. The outstanding images are well underway and I'm so excited for the reveal of the rest of them. It's always exciting for me to see what Annie comes up with, she's so talented.

As the day is coming closer for the collection to be entering the revision stage, I have to admit, I'm scared. What am I afraid of? Well, so many things.

  1. What if I fail

  2. What if no one cares what I have to say

  3. What if I went through the wrong channels

  4. What if, what if and what if

To name a few.

But here's the thing I've also realized. This fear that I'm feeling is good. I know you're thinking, how! I've come to realize that all good things for our lives bring fear to us because it's new and really something we want. I want this. I'm scared. But I'll never give up.

This feeling of something fierce is welcomed and I'll continue on this journey whether it brings good or bad. If I don't try I'll never know. And the fact is, I want to know.

This journey is beautiful and I love living through it.


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