Send Loads Of Coffee

Updated: Mar 5

I'm not joking, I need loads more coffee. Though I've made a conscious decision to eliminate excessive amounts of coffee from my diet by turning to tea, I need it, stat!

On the real, I'm feeling all sorts of burnt out these days. I find that I am putting so much pressure on myself to produce epic poems that the writer in me is asleep. I keep waking her up in hopes that something will come to mind and make it all worth it. Truth is, I am not enjoying writing as much because of the voice in me that feels if I'm not writing then I'm not getting any closer to my dreams. When the actual truth is, my dreams are still my dreams regardless of if I produce a poem today, tomorrow or next week. I am going to allow myself to not feel the pressure of this as life is already full of so much external pressure.

I'm loving, however, being part of this strong, vibrant Instagram community. Everyone, and I mean everyone has been so welcoming and supportive that it's unreal. I'm so happy to be amongst such talented and soulful writers. Here's to us going strong.


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