My Soul Needs This

It has been a few weeks of not being able to fully see through the emotions, thoughts and dreams. I've recently realized that I no longer wake up remembering who he represented to me, but now rather he is a distant dream. I however in speaking with a dear friend, realized that I need to be grateful and thankful to him for showing me a different direction in life. It's a bittersweet realization but it's one that I had to acknowledge and learn acceptance through! If such heartbreak hadn't ripped me apart, I most likely would not be here today on this beautiful journey. But what is a woman to do when she really doesn't want to thank the person who hurt her? I cried. I refused to give him credit for my creative heart. I hated him more. But there dawned a new day when I could honestly let go of all those things and recognize, that yes, if he didn't hurt me - this journey would not be mine to live. So to him, thank you for giving me the pain to guide my strength home.



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