he broke my heart.

Updated: Feb 25

I didn't know when he was busy breaking my heart that a new part of me was forming inside. At the time my relationship meant the world to me. I loved and I loved hard. I was determined to make things work, I was determined to love like I've loved no other, and I didn't realize in the process, I was also breaking my own heart.

I knew love but honestly love didn't know me.

After my last relationship, I took the necessary time to regroup and understand who I was then. Then along came this new relationship that left me feeling hopeful. I saw the flags right away but I ignored them thinking it was judgemental of me to not give someone a proper chance.

Incident after incident I stayed.

But this time he broke me enough to open up the poet voice that called out to me. I listened.

I started writing my first collection, drowning. which has been my baby from the moment I heard myself again. The collection was hard, it was exhausting, and most of all rewarding. I was alive inside even though it felt like I was dying all at the same time.

I have hopes for this collection, which is in the works as I am currently working on the second and third in the series.

I'm so happy to be here to share my world with you. Remember, we are never alone.



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