Energy To Harvest

Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since I have come on here, I haven't forgotten about you at all, just lost in getting ready for the idea of publishing my first collection of poetry. I have spent the last week laying out the collection and gathering the images that will be used. I've fallen in love with the look that I've developed but that ugly monster has reared his head telling me that no one is even going to read this.

From that point as much as I've tried to remove that from my vision, it does every so often, come up. I'm actually really proud of myself for coming this far. I am notorious for starting projects and never seeing them through to completion. This is the first passion project I am seeing through - and that feels empowering. I feel like a woman in charge of me and all that I am hoping to accomplish. That's such a powerful energy to harvest.

Things are well underway with the first collection but not quite ready, and I'm okay with that. I tend to want things to be done asap but with this I am taking my time because it means so much to me.

Annie, Lu and I are doing some great stuff over here and we can't wait for you to discover our souls.



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