dreaming about september.

Updated: Feb 25

Today has been a really great day. I had a great conversation with my dear illustrator friend, Annie, who is the wonderful artist behind the images for "drowning."

Today was a today for setting goals and being on the same creative page. With there being a vast number of images in this collection we needed to set the framework for success.

Annie and I met virtually but I do believe we met a couple of times at the cafe I frequented. It's this quaint Victorian styled cafe here in the heart of the downtown core of my city. I love all the baristas there and would chat with them on the regular. It wasn't until one day when I was chatting about "drowning." it was mentioned to me that Annie was in school for graphic design. My eyes lit up and I gave my details to my friend and waited patiently for a message.

And here we are a few months into the image process part of this collection and image after image she blows my mind at how creative and talented she really is.

WE have big dreams for this project and all I can say is, we are dreaming about September.


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