As Things Go

I have been on a roller coaster of thoughts that spiral at times but bring me great creative joy. As the debut of my first poetry collection draws closer to completion, I find myself being very particular about how it's revealed and just how it should be done. In talking with some friends, there is no specific way, it's all about how I feel! Right now, I'm scared, nervous, and anxious about it. I want it to be done but I also don't. This collection has been my baby for months now and to put it into the world scares me. What if, rears its ugly head and I start to panic. Maybe I should stop, maybe I should leave it as a for me piece, or maybe I should delete all my accounts related to poetry and move on with my life.

I don't want to give up on this. I just want to know that I am giving it my all and creating art that hopefully someone can appreciate. There's no right or wrong way in following your heart. I just want to be okay during the process and not give up.

If anyone can relate, how do you get through patches like this? What inspires you to keep your dreams alive and moving forward?

Send creative help, lol.



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